Vicious Pitbull attack on baby ducklings

Well, for those of you that actually wanted to see a vicious attack from a Pitbull, you are going to be disappointed.  Clearly you are misinformed by the media, because Pitbulls are not vicious.  In fact they have one of the lowest percentage of attacks in the US compared to other dogs.  You are simply getting sucked into the bullshit that the media puts out to the public.

This is just one of our two Pitbulls that loves to hang out with our children, ducks, chickens, and even our rabbits.  Dogs don’t kill people, people train them to.  The breed is innocent.  It is the piece of shit owners that train dogs to attack that should be held accountable.


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The Duck Deck & House

Yesterday I started the first stage of our Duck project which is to build an area in our yard that is specifically for the Ducks.  This area has a small pond’ish water area, a Deck area & Ramp for the ducks to relax on, and then lastly, adding more naturalistic features so the area is pleasing to the eye.

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Building a transition pen for Chickens or Ducks

As my wife and I got involved in the Chicken and Duck world we found that the time when the little chicks become bigger, so does the smell. And oh yes, do they ever smell. We were looking for a good way to get them into the garage but minimize the shock of the transition.  All you need is some 2×4’s, small piece of plywood, shower pan film, and some plastic fencing material.  It wasn’t easy, but once it was done, it was solid.

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