Vicious Pitbull attack on baby ducklings

Well, for those of you that actually wanted to see a vicious attack from a Pitbull, you are going to be disappointed.  Clearly you are misinformed by the media, because Pitbulls are not vicious.  In fact they have one of the lowest percentage of attacks in the US compared to other dogs.  You are simply getting sucked into the bullshit that the media puts out to the public.

This is just one of our two Pitbulls that loves to hang out with our children, ducks, chickens, and even our rabbits.  Dogs don’t kill people, people train them to.  The breed is innocent.  It is the piece of shit owners that train dogs to attack that should be held accountable.


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I will never be be a bird owner…

That is exactly what I said my entire life until….

I trap feral cats in our area and never had an issue doing so until an infamous orange cat that for the life of me, would not eat any bait that I put in the trap.  I then figured out that this cat likes live bait, so I went to the local feed store and bought a Zebra Finch and a small cage that would fit inside of the cat trap.  Well believe it or not, we cam home from being out for the day, and after a year of hunting this cat, there he was, sitting in the trap….the little finch cage was flipped over on the other side of the cage, clearly there was some chaos when the trap shut and the cat realized he was busted.

In a surprise, I pulled out the small finch cage to find this little guy still alive, but he looked frazzled.  The cat, well lets just say that Animal Control has him now.

I was pretty amazed that this little guy didnt die of fright, being in a cage with a predator 100x his size for 5 hours.  I had gained respect for this little one, and suiting enough I named him “LUCKY”.  I was going to let Lucky go, but after doing some research I found that captive bred finches dont do well in the wild, so I decided to get a finch cage for him and give it a chance.

Lucky sang a beautiful song during the day, and was quiet at night.  I was ok with that so far, as it wasn’t a squawking, or an annoying mimic, but a cute little peeping.  He was almost talking with you at times.  After some more research, I found that Finches are very social and like to have company, so I said, OK, lets get lucky a companion.

Well an amazing thing happened, and Lucky started building a cool nest.  The new bird, “DAISY” made a great companion for Lucky and was definitely spoiled by Lucky’s provider attitude.  Within a week, the nest was done, and they were both sleeping in it.   Then, lo and behold, on the 4th of July, 2015, a small egg, the size of a large pea appeared in the nest.  This was very cool.   I had no idea that this little guy would be the bringer of so much happiness into our home.

Am I a bird owner?  I can now say proudly, yes.

My father would have been 80 on the 4th of July this year, with the egg being laid on the 4th, we decided that we would name the new hatchling after him, “HOWARD”.  So lets hope it is a boy 🙂



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The Duck Deck & House

Yesterday I started the first stage of our Duck project which is to build an area in our yard that is specifically for the Ducks.  This area has a small pond’ish water area, a Deck area & Ramp for the ducks to relax on, and then lastly, adding more naturalistic features so the area is pleasing to the eye.

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